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Aircraft Engine Stands
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Support Capacity: >1,000 lbs.
Height: 30"
Width: 32"

A perfect blend of functionality, convenience, stability and sturdiness. We were so impressed with this engine stand, we asked if we could license and manufacture it commercially for him. The result of this collaboration is now available for purchase below.

It is important to know that this engine stand comes with an aluminum adapter plate designed to work with most direct drive engines available.


Above: Large 5" Casters provide the stability required to work on your engine, and the convenience of rolling your project out of the way when needed.

Left: 8" Square Top Plate is 1/2 inch Thick Aluminum so it won't scratch or marr your engine's crankshaft. This top plate bolts to a bottom plate of 1/2 inch steel to assure plenty of support strength for even the largest engine.

Precise CAD cut slots and center hole allows this adapter plate to fit most direct-drive engines on the market.

Engines with gear-reduction boxes are not suitable for use with this aluminum adapter plate since the physical mass of the engine is offset from the prop end of the crankshaft, thereby placing the engine mass too close to one side of the stand.

Part # ENG-1 Engine Stand

Call or e-mail for pricing and ordering.

John Jewell with his original design.