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Aircraft Tail Stands

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We developed this Tail Stand/Weight with convenience and affordability in mind.

TS-1 Lift Range: 31"- 53"
TS-2 Lift Range: 21"- 33"
  1. Our Tail Stand has a large flat base to stack as much or as little weight as desired. You are not limited to always having 300 lbs. of concrete (as some of our competitors do). This is especially helpful in quickly moving the Tail Stand from one location to another.
  2. As with all our products, our Tail Stand is designed with wheels, and is powder coated for durability.
  3. The telescoping pole unscrews from the base allowing the entire unit to be placed up out of the way for less foot clutter.

The unit is designed to act as both a Tail Stand, to prevent the tail of the aircraft from striking the ground as the aircraft is lifted (or while you are working in the rear of the aircraft), as well as a Tail Weight, to keep the nose of the aircraft from stricking the ground as the aircraft is lifted.

Unlike some of our competitors products where you fill a tub with concrete, our tail stand/weight has a flat base on which you can stack sand bags, lead shot, cases of oil, exercise weights or whatever you want to achieve the amount of weight you need for your application. Once you're finished, simply return the weight to where it came from, and either roll the 37 lb. tail stand out of the way or unscrew the telescoping pole from the base and store the whole assmebly on a shelf.

The Top of each telescoping pole has a channel milled into it in which the aircraft's tail ring can rest.

There also is a cross hole with hitch pin to secure the tail ring in place. Dimension's of the milled channel are: 15/32" x 1-11/16"

Each Tail Stand Base comes complete with three (3) swivel wheels and a threaded coupling on the top for easy removal of the telescoping pole.

Most customers only need a certain height for their tail stand; however, If you need the range offered by both telescoping poles, we offer the poles for sale separately (below). You simply purchase the TS-1 or TS-2 model tailstand.

Product Numbers and Information

Model Description

TS-1 Tail Stand, 31" - 53"

Product No. LIFT-TS-1

Model Description

TS-2 Tail Stand, 21" - 33"

Product No. LIFT-TS-2

For those times when you need a taller or shorter telescoping pole for your tail stand, we offer for sale the telescoping poles by themselves. Each are reasonably priced and come complete with hitch pins and set screw.

TS-1P Long Telescoping Pole, 31" - 53"

Product No. LIFT-TS-1P

TS-2P Short Telescoping Pole, 21" - 33"

Product No. LIFT-TS-2P