X P Modifications

Advantages provided by the large tailwheel:
  • Smooth operations
  • Less drag on soft ground
  • Better taxi visibility
  • Shorter take-off rolls
  • Improved ground handling
  • Improved maneuverability

The XPM is manufactured under STC SA2359NM:
XP Modifications Inc. was founded 1976 by Tom Anderson, an Alaskan Bush Pilot, machinist and mechanic. XP Modifications is located at the Arlington Airport in Northwestern Washington. Anderson's experience as an Alaskan Bush Pilot was responsible for the development of XP Modification's new XP Tail Wheel. Riverbeds, tundra, ocean beaches are standard landing and taxiing areas for Alaskan pilots. Anderson often found that the standard tail wheel would sink into the soft surface or tear apart on rough terrain. What was needed was a light weight, larger tire assembly. XP Modifications Inc., XPM Tail Wheel, features a 500x5 tire mounted on a specially designed assembly that keeps bearings and key wheel parts up and out of soft sand and mud.


We are also distributors for all XP Modifications products.

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